CHINA 2010

In November of 2010 my family traveled to China to adopt a baby girl who I now call my sister. This trip was not only life changing but incredibly eye opening to be able to see how the people from other parts of the world live, celebrate, function, and express themselves. China was the first time I had ever been out of the States and so it was quite a culture shock for our entire family, but we fell in love with the people, culture, and food. In a few months we will be going back in the process of another adoption, and I cannot wait to capture that journey once again. The images that are on this post start from day one and go until the day where we actually went to the downstairs of our hotel lobby to meet Ellie ( my little sister ) for the first time. The last image is a photograph I took of my parents holding Ellie's baby doll and book bag right before going downstairs.
 Unfortunately, all of the other images from the trip were lost and we don't have documentation.
These images have never been shared before, until now.

-Ethan Gaskill